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NIMS Courses

To determine what level of training an individual needs according to his or her level of responsibility during a multijurisdiction, multiagency, multidiscipline incident, refer to the NIMS Five-Year Training Plan [2/08] (PDF 529KB, TXT 147KB).

Fact Sheets:

  • ICS-100 Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 28KB, TXT 2KB)
  • ICS-200 Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 28KB, TXT 3KB)
  • ICS-300 Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 28KB, TXT 2KB)
  • ICS-400 Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 28KB, TXT 2KB)
  • IS-700.A NIMS Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 16KB, TXT 3KB)
  • IS-701 NIMS Multiagency Coordination System Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 16KB, TXT 3KB)
  • IS-702 NIMS Public Information Systems Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 16KB, TXT 3KB)
  • IS-703 NIMS Resource Management Fact Sheet [3/07] (PDF 16KB, TXT 3KB)

ICS-300 and ICS-400 courses are courses conducted in a classroom. Both the Emergency Management Institute and the National Fire Academy sponsor NIMS-compliant ICS-300 and 400 training. Please contact your local or State Emergency Management Agency or State Fire Academy for details about when and where these courses will be available. 

Emergency Management Institute

The Emergency Management Institute (EMI), located at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, MD, offers a broad range of NIMS-related training.

NIMS-related courses offered online by EMI include:

For more information on the Emergency Management Institute, please visit